About Remodel Plano

Bobby Broussard, General Contractor

Get to Know Your Contractor!

How did you get started in business?

Way back in 1972, I asked my father for a $400 Schwinn bicycle for my birthday. He bought me a $30 Western Auto lawnmower instead. I went to work mowing yards, and in 3 months, I had that bicycle.

So, you started off in business for yourself as a teenager. What did you do after that?

I worked in offshore oil construction for a few years, then went offshore as a North Sea Tiger until I came back to Houston in 1982. I started another lawn service in Houston, sold it and started two construction companies, which I also later sold.

How did you start E.B. Broussard Remodeling?

I came to Plano from Houston and became a Real Estate Agent and builder.I really enjoyed construction so I started E.B. Broussard Remodeling, and we’ve since become one of North Texas’ premier home renovations companies.

What is Important to Homeowners Planning a Home Renovation?

Whether you are looking for a contractor for a home remodeling project, replacement windows, Kitchen or bath renovations, home repair or an addition to your home, your general contractor search will bring you to E.B. Broussard Remodeling. Offering Plano and North Dallas superior quality, workmanship and reliability in a home improvement contractor, E.B. Broussard Remodeling delivers on its promises.

Here is the Bottom Line:

You need a residential contractor who
• Carefully evaluates every bid
• Bids the job competitively
• Sticks to the agreement
• Shows up on time
• Performs well above average
• Finishes on or ahead of time

What sets you apart from other contractors in DFW?

You don’t become successful in the construction business by accident or luck. The key to success is to provide a superior product with integrity, strong work ethics and by doing what you say you will do. My clients almost always have me back for new home renovations projects. They receive quality workmanship, a fair price and a reliable crew. Our integrity and craftsmanship set us apart from other residential contractors in Plano and surrounding areas.